Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a typical, although charming, teen/early-twentysomething movie about a teen from Texas, Grace (Selena Gomez), who has saved all throughout high school to be able to afford a dream graduation trip to Paris. Her mother and step-father allow her to take her big trip abroad with her best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy) on the condition that her older step-sister Meg (Leighton Meester) accompanies them to France.

The arrive in Paris to realize that the tour they chose doesn't really give them a chance to explore Paris, and their hotel definitely leaves much to be desired. During their stop at the Eiffel Tower, their tour bus leaves them behind and they are left to fend for themselves. It starts raining, and they stop in a luxury hotel to dry off a little. While they are in the hotel, Emma and Meg realize that the paparazzi are taking pictures of Grace. It turns out that she is a dead ringer for a British socialite named Cordelia Winthrop Scott (also played by Selena Gomez). Cordelia is supposed to go to Monte Carlo to attend several events, but she would rather go to Spain to spend time with friends, and she heads off to the airport. Grace is mistaken for Cordelia, and the girls spend the night in a luxurious suite. The next morning, they find out that Cordelia/Grace is supposed to head to Monte Carlo, and they decide to continue their adventure in Monte Carlo.

Of course, Monte Carlo wouldn't be a romantic comedy without some romantic entanglements. Emma has left her boyfriend Owen (Cory Monteith) behind in Texas, and Meg met a charming Australian named Riley (Luke Bracey) at the Sacre Coeur. Much to Emma and Meg's surprise, both of the boys end up in Monte Carlo as well. Grace meets a charming French boy named Theo (Pierre Boulanger), who is supposed to accompany "Cordelia" around Monte Carlo to attend various social and charitable events, and does not realize that she is actually Grace.

The real Cordelia eventually ends up in Monte Carlo to fulfill her duties, and realizes there has been another girl impersonating her for several days. Grace has to choose between telling Theo the truth and possibly losing him, or go to an auction one last time as Cordelia in order to help a charity.

Both Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester have moments in the movie where they show real acting talent. However, they are both young actresses and need to develop their acting skills before carrying a movie by themselves. The boys are very handsome, but they are not really allowed to really develop their characters or be more than pretty faces. The scenery is beautiful and made me want to hop on a plane to Europe. This movie will definitely charm its intended demographic, and is a great way to escape the summer heat for a couple of hours.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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